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I think my big problem with that new South Park episode isn’t that its offensive. Let’s not kid ourselves here: it totally is, it’s shitty satire and SOUTH PARK for heaven’s sake.

My problem is that its satire about trans identities written by cis people. There’s a fine line here between actual…

You say give me like you’re owed something from the world or from comedy and to be absolutely blunt the world and comedy owes you nothing. If you want trans comedy or trans television or trans art or trans comedy clubs go and make it. Cisgendered comedians who make a show are gonna talk about this very big subject because, spoiler alert, they can talk about whatever they want to whenever they want to.


Gene Kelly, 1948

Boris Karloff The Invisible Ray (1936)


Here everyone have a bit of a Doctor that does care

This is how you write a grumpy Doctor without making him an ass